Our vision and commitment is pushing limits and thinking outside the box in order to achieve

extraordinary and unique designs alongside practicality, cost and timely effective results

Our extensive portfolio demonstrates the professionalism, expertise, unique set of skills,

and intelligence behind our innovative structural designs we deliver to our clients

High Rise and Complex Structures

Our team has a strong record of designing high-rise buildings and complex structures including long-span roofs, steel nodal structures, and damping systems. We are specialist in structural dynamics, finite element analysis, as well as wind and seismic engineering studies

High-Rise Buildings

A unique type of structures that requires high engineering knowledge and practice. ALJ Consulting Engineers provide both aspects and have a team that have previously designed more than 25 high-rise structures in Australia and globally

Complex Structures

Different design aspects interact together producing complex geometry and architecture structure. At ALJ Consulting Engineers, we aim to provide cost-effective engineering designs, while maintaining the structural integrity and strength

Long Span Roofs

We treat engineering as art work, where high tech, industry-knowledge, and engineering practices come together to produce slender elements supporting long roof spans. ALJ Consulting Engineers' team has a reputable record of designing iconic long span structures in different markets, including football stadium roofs and mixed-use developments

Iconic Structures

Structural engineering should beats any difficulties. A curved nodal steel structure roof covering more than 150,000 sq meters supported by 8 lattice steel columns with 60 m height. It is one of many sophisticated structural designs carried out by ourteam.

Reinforced Concrete, Steel, Composite, and Retention Structures

ALJ Consulting Engineers provides structural engineering designs for reinforced concrete structures (including PT slabs, beams, columns, walls, pad footings, rafts, and piles), steel structures and its connections, composite structures (including composite columns, floors, and beams), shoring and retention structures

Reinforced Concrete & PT

Designing conventional reinforced concrete elements including columns, slabs, beams, pad footings, rafts, and piles. In addition to that, our team is capable of providing design and document for PT elements proposed through the structure. Our extensive combined experience of more than 40 years is the advantage our team beholds

Steel Structures

Using steel material gives the advantage of having long spans, slender elements, less weight, and recycled materials. ALJ Consulting Engineers designs, details, and documents the steel structural elements and connections. Our team has long proven record of designing simple to sophisticated steel structures including heavy industrial facilities, stadium covering structures, and Aircraft hangers

Composite Structures

Composite elements give more slender sizes, higher load capacities, longer spans compared to other approaches and rapid construction. It is widely used in the high-rise and large foot-print structures. Our team has a long practice and strong knowledge in analysing, designing, and documenting composite elements

Shoring & Retention Structures

Deep excavation and soil retention need special design considerations and integration between Geotechnical and structural engineering knowledge. At ALJ Consulting Engineers, we have the capability to design and document different types of shoring and retention structure. Our team has designed a shoring system for deep excavation up to 40 m from ground level using WALLAP and PLAXIS software, and a 16 m excavation depth in the vicinity of Sydney Trains

We serve different markets

ALJ Consulting Engineers have a broad experience in different markets including residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, educational, hospitals, and sports structures. ALJ Consulting Engineers have been involved in many successful value engineering and peer review projects. Also, ALJ provides structural designs for houses, extensions, fit-outs, structural assessment, and dilapidation reports 

Residential, Commercial & Mixed use buildings

As these sectors form the largest percentage of the construction industry across the country, ALJ Consulting Engineers aims to provide cost and time effective designs to suit ourclients' needs

Educational, Sports & Health Care Facilities

Those are the buildings with high importance to our society. ALJ Consulting Engineers provides structural designs thatsuit the nature and importance of such structures considering cost and environment impacts

Value Engineering & Peer Review

ALJ Consulting Engineers provides several design alternatives highlighting the pros and cons of each option and helping our clients choose the optimal design that suits their requirements. Also, we use our high technical capabilities and long record experience to carry out an effective peer review with a high chance for significant cost saving while maintains design quality

Houses, Extensions, Fit-Outs, Assessment Reports & Dilapidation Reports

Structurally design the architectural houses always been a challenge. Our team knowledge and long practice make a difference and allow us to produce unique structural solutions. Also, ALJ Consulting Engineers carries out structural fit-outs designs, structural assessments, and dilapidation reports. In addition, we have the capability to assess buildings structural defects and perform a seismic evaluation for existing structures

We provide quick, accurate, and reliable solutions in one-stop-shop structural design firm

ALJ Consulting Engineers utilises high analysis and design practices and software using ETABS, SAFE, SAP2000, RAPT and ANSYS software in analysis and design structures from simple to sophisticated designs. ALJ Consulting Engineers provides a one-stop-shop for all structural components of the project, such as shoring, PT, and structural designs carried out hand in hand in-house